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Did You Know...

  • Every year 3.5 billion hangers end up in our landfills.
  • Over 2.7 billion hangers are imported each year, primarily from China.
  • Many consumers struggle with how to dispose of their excess hangers and simply throw them away in plastic bags.
  • Most dry cleaners are urging their customers to return their unwanted hangers. Some provide coupons or incentives.
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What You Can Do...

    return hangers to dry cleaner
  • Place a Hanger Hamper in every closet and laundry room.
  • Hanger Hamper fits conveniently in any corner.
  • Re-organize your closet and create space for your clothes by placing unused hangers in your Hanger Hamper.
  • Re-use your hangers. Store extra hangers in your Hanger Hamper.
  • Return unwanted, excess hangers to your local dry cleaner in your easy to carry Hanger Hamper.